The Ultimate Gamer’s Favorite Unsettling Glitches

Glitch FeatureWe have yet to see any videogame made without a single flaw, it’s just part of the gaming world we live in. Gamers and developers refer to these flaws as bugs or glitches. While some glitches might be a benefit to the player, most slip under the radar of the general public. There are, however, several glitches that will leave the unsuspecting gamer shaken and out right disturbed by what they have seen. Watch, as your beloved characters are deformed and mutilated right before your very eyes! Here are some of The Ultimate Gamer’s favorite visually unsettling glitches in gaming:

The Suicide of Luigi’s Shadow

Luigi’s Mansion

In the Attic of Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo Gamecube, the attentive player may see, amidst a flash of lightning, during Luigi’s phone call, an unnerving shadow is cast on the wall. The disturbing thing about this is that shadow is seen hanging above the floor making it appear as though Luigi’s shadow has hung itself. This is, of course, just a simple lighting glitch caused by the light source having spawned below the floor… Or is it? Given the nature of this particular game it adds just a bit more of a foreboding appearance.

Geralt’s Melting Face


Witcher is reported to have quite a number of in-game bugs, but one glitch in particular stands out as the most unnerving of all. As with most games these days, when loading a game or entering a new area, it causes a loading screen. Occasionally, after said loading screen, players would be able to turn the camera on our valiant hero, only to see Geralt’s grotesquely distorted face. It looks as if the skin of his face should have fallen off at one point or another, but managed to hold on by the thinnest of threads. Another interesting aspect of this glitch is that it tends to make Geralt’s weapons behave oddly. Normally, this glitch is “fixed” when the player reloads the game or enters a new area, but until that happens the player gets to deal with his melting hero.

Gibs Glitches

Fallout 3

When a player would kill or rather “gib” an NPC and immediately saved his game. Upon reloading the saved file, the game occasionally “forgets” to register the NPC’s death. The game would also, disturbingly, forget to scatter the body parts as a proper “gib” would. Instead, the game has the tendency to keep the NPC… alive (for lack of a better word), amassed in a pile of body parts that should have been strewn about the area. The player is left interacting with and even talking to a pile of bones, blood, and guts that was once a character… Ew.

Demonic Pets and Babies

The Sims 3

This lovely little gem happens when a careless player downloads custom content with missing animations into The Sims 3. As with most corrupted information, it’s easily dealt with by removing the sullied files and patching the game. Before that can be done, of course, the effects of this glitch can be quite the shock to an unsuspecting player. The character models of babies and pets are stretched and mutated with their body parts stretched to horrifying and demonic proportions.

Stretched Character Models

Resident Evil Re-make

After booting up Resident Evil, a few players would experience an interesting, rare bug in which all of the character and enemy models were horrifically skewed and stretched. Torsos, arms, legs, and even fingers were distorted giving the Resident Evil Re-make an unintentional, additional scare factor. This glitch was reportedly caused by corrupted data files or the disc being dirty.


Red Dead Redemption

While the player traverses the wide and desolate wilderness of Red Dead Redemption, he or she might come across what players have dubbed as manimals. These animal-human hybrids are quite repulsive due to the fact that they look like the humans, but they are twisted and mangled into the models of the animals that they are supposed to be. The player can see Bird-men flapping their dilapidated arms like wings, cougar-men that come chasing after the player in a ferocious manner, and snake-men that are twisted and deformed beyond belief with bulging white eyes and coiled up limbs.


Fallout New Vegas

In early copies of the Fallout New Vegas, some players were shocked with quite an unnerving glitch. In the introduction of the game with the NPC; Dr. Mitchell. As he talked to the player, Dr. Mitchell’s head would slowly start to tilt, swiveling inhumanly on his neck all while maintaining direct eye contact with the player. It is not known what exactly caused this glitch, but it is slightly troubling all the same.

Dead NPC’s

Call of Duty 2

In Call of Duty 2 there are several NPC’s with important lines of dialogue that will presumably be able to say what they were scripted to say. Unfortunately, These NPC’s tend to die rather quickly when the game is set to a high difficulty. The game still registers these dead NPC’s as though they had not yet died, making the dead move their mouths as though they were speaking, as they lie on the ground looking up with wide post mortem glares.

Over to you…

Can you think of any that we may have missed? Any glitches you’ve seen that just give you the heeby jeebies? Let us know in the comment section about what we may have overlooked.


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