Top Secret Easter Eggs to Hunt in Games

The problem with Easter eggs is too much of that chocolatey goodness means you’ll be lethargic, overweight, and lazy. No gamer wants that… But what about combining the two? In our opinion, video game Easter eggs are even better than their tasty candy counterparts, and here are some of our favorites, just in time for Easter.


1. God of War – Sex Mini-game

kratos-badassJust in case anyone missed this, it’s a slightly erotic egg worth checking out. In God of War, There’s a “sex mini-game” where you get to be the demigod porn star you always… wanted to be? “Deeply” satisfy two women via the quick time event and you’ll gain precious orbs, potentially even relieving Easter Eggs at the same time.


2. Halo 2 – Grunt’s Birthday Party

Easter and birthdays all in one? You saw it here first (well… probably not, but humor us, will ya?). In Halo 2, Grunt’s birthday mode of partying can be started in the Arbiter level on Legendary. Once you hit the first banshee section, fly straight down to the bottom of the map. There’s a crack in one of the large cylinders that connect to the station. Pick up the skull (after killing all the grunts with party hats on… you party crashing bastard), and projectile weapons will make stuff explode like you were using plasma grenades. Good times.

Halo 2 Easter Egg


3. Mortal Kombat – Reptile Challenge

ReptileYes, we know you wanted to fight Reptile just as much as we did. And, you can! This is one of those few gaming myths that actually turned out to be true. When fighting in the Mortal Kombat “The Pit” a certain uhm, object will pass the moon. When this happens, complete the fight with a double-flawless Fatality and you’ll get the asswhooping you always wanted.


4. Gears of War – Ohai!

gearsIn section 3 of the Aftermath campaign in Gears of War, just before opening the large door to head outside, kick through the door to the left and walk to the metal balcony overlooking a large crane and other engineering stuffs. Snipe out the tiny figure on top of the crane and watch a Reaver write a smoke message the sky saying “Hi” before exploding. You don’t see that every day…


5. Batman Arkham Asylum – The Secret Warden’s Room

Batman Easter EggThis particular Easter egg is so secret; it took almost a year for someone to discover it. The Secret Warden’s Room contains an approved blueprint for Arkham City and is sneakily stashed away behind a destructible wall that doesn’t show up in detective mode. How’s that for planning ahead?


6. Portal – Is the Cake Really a Lie? (Spoiler: No it’s Not…)

portal-grafitiAbout seven puzzle rooms into Portal and most people figured out the cake was a lie. But, was it really? Between the graffiti scribbled on the walls by former… test subjects and GLaDOS’ constant berating of our humanity, we weren’t sure. Some have dug deeper and revealed a shocking truth suggesting that GLaDOS may have a less psychopathy side to her. Completing this gaming pilgrimage takes some doing, and we found a great video walk-through here. Please email us a slice of cake when you find it.


7. Aliens: Colonial Marines – Rolling Doughnuts

Alien Easter EggWhile this game may not have been everything that was promised to us we seem to have come across more delicious Easter Eggs (figuratively speaking). This one can be found in Aliens: Colonial Marines. In mission seven, immediately on your right after the first room you’ll see a box of donuts. Take aim, shoot the box and get out of the way, because a 12 foot-high glazed doughnut with sprinkles is about to roll down the path… (Nope, we’re not joking)


8. Final Fantasy IV – Psycho Cyan

cyan-worst-nightmareWith the Final Fantasy series slowly making their way onto smart phones (we’re holding out for XIII on the iPhone 9), we thought this one especially worth a mention. If you revived Cyan during the fight while he still in his Imp mode, he comes back in a maddened rage and pummels the crap out of everyone, friend and foe.


9. Grand Theft Auto V – UFOs

gta_v_aliens_and_UFOsDid you know there are many UFOs in Grand Theft Auto V? There’s something about the game’s realism that makes them especially creepy. To find one, if you stand at the top of Chiliad Mountain until 3 AM (in-game time) on a day when it’s raining, a UFO appears hovering in the sky poised and ready to wreak havoc on planet Earth, robbing of us of our chocolate-fuelled Easter joy. The bastards…


Over to You…

Will you be stuffing your face uncontrollably with chocolates or videogames this Easter? We hope it’s both. But which are your favorites? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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