Top 5 Indie Titles You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

We’ve seen a big explosion in Indie games over the past few years. This awesome genre has delivered unforgettable experiences including Braid, The Binding Isaac and Super Meatboy to the masses.  Due to the free-for-all nature of indie game development, this sector has so much more to offer and they’re not always as easy to find as your average Call of Duty sequel… Here are our top 5 indie games you probably haven’t heard of, but should definitely check out.


1. Guacamelee

guacamelee Guacamelee is a platform adventure game built around the ‘Metroidvania’ concept, basically meaning free-rein exploration around a 2-dimensional open world (inspired by Metroid and Castlevania). You control a wrestler around a beautifully designed land of Mexican folklore, switching in between the lands of living and dead, using awesome attack combos to both navigate the landscape and kill bad guys. It’s got action, puzzles, wrestlers, a loved one to save,   great gameplay mechanics and is hugely endearing overall.


2. I Get This Call Every Day

I Get This Call Every DayAny who’s worked in a call center (part-time at college or otherwise) should check out this game. It’s a great insight into what it’s like being on the other side of that phone call. We can guarantee that by the time you’ve invested the necessary 10 minutes to absorb the gaming experience, you’ll be a little more compassionate for those poor souls when you’re calling up to vent nerdrage about how your game time card didn’t work and you missed a guild event. You can check it out for just two dollars over on the official website.


3. AAaAaaAA!!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

AAaAaaAA Ever fancy the idea of base jumping but would rather not heave your butt from your comfortable gaming chair to risk your life? Well, this title gives you the opportunity to jump off buildings in a virtual, alternate reality Boston that appears to be in the midst of a great wave of LSD.  As you leap off the tallest buildings in this psychedelic city, you crash thousands of feet in a first-person perspective, navigating your way to a safe landing spot. You rack up points for smashing through glass panes and giving your fans hand gestures as you’re plummeting down. The controls are a little weird at first, but the game is a blast and the base jumping/points scoring dynamic is hugely satisfying.


4. Actual Sunlight

Actual SunlightIndie games sometimes deal with more serious issues in life. Often, mainstream developers are reluctant to commit millions to a moody game for fear of a lack of mass appeal. While some may argue that Actual Sunlight is a little too “emo,” the game deals with real-world problems like depression and suicidal thoughts. It even gives a warning to this effect when you fire it up, too. But, it’s a beautifully illustrated game and the writing is as sharp as you’ll find in any triple-A title. Sure, it’s a bit morbid to be met with a warning about the game’s content, and it might not be as cheery as a quick run through of My Little Pony: Chronicles, but it’s an incredibly thought-provoking game. By the end, you’re all-but-guaranteed to want to give the protagonists a hug and a pat on the back.


5. Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2There have been many epic, timeless tower defense games. Desktop Tower Defense, Fieldrunners (1&2) and Defense Grid to name a few. In these games, the idea is to plant your towers and defend from oncoming waves of enemies. Anomaly 2 turns the genre on its head. Instead, you must get your troops through the defensive towers. It’s basically an RTS tower attack game, allowing you to adjust units in the field on the fly based on the current situation. It makes for some mighty interesting gaming and if you’re a fan of tower defense genre, this is definitely worth checking out.


And now to you: Are you a mainstream gamer? Do you prefer indie titles? What’s your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Indie Titles You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

  1. Anthony Vall

    Even though I do enjoy many indie titles (some of which o probably shouldnt) I do categorize myself as a mainstream gamer….. I’m really an enjoyment seeker.

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