The Story of Kratos: God of War

Kratos_History_WEBAfter we published our top 10 gaming bad asses in last week’s blog, there’s been much discussion about the winner, Kratos from God of War. What a life of raw baddassery this deity has truly led. Combined with the recent tweets from Santa Monica Studios about pending ‘new God of War’ content, we thought we’d create a quick overview of the story so far, refreshing memories to put them in good shape for the pending bloodshed and puzzle solving. Spoilers follow and it’s a looooong story, but here’s a quick overview.

Where it all Began

Fledgling warmonger Kratos started his resume as captain of the Spartan army. At this stage, Kratos was something of a “rape and pillage” kind of guy, constantly getting an earful from his dainty wife about how his egotistical rampages and thirst for power were potentially becoming a problem. A bit like leaving the toothpaste open, or whatever.

It appears our beloved badass had indeed got slightly too big for his boots, as he was soon thereafter due to have his ass handed to him by an army led by the Barbarian King. Crying out to a Ares (the God of War at the time) for redemption saw his call is answered…

He subsequently owned the barbarian army, but sold his soul in Ares, ultimately to be made the lapdog. Oops. As if our megalomaniac amigo was already bad enough, he then goes on to create all kinds of crazy next-level havoc in the name of Aries. Once again, Kratos gets a little caught up in it all, but it’s not him who gets pwned this time, it’s his loving wife and kid. Ares is in for a serious whooping… But that will come later on… In the meantime, the gods of Mount Olympus offer our favorite mass-murderer a fresh helping of redemption if he puts in a decade of hard-core, slaying labor.

Chains of Olympus: A Brief Handheld Interlude

This is where the PlayStation Portable’s Chains of Olympus kicks in which sees Kratos making his way round the heavens taking on God’s like some kind of whack-a-mole session. With Morpheus trying to send all of Mount Olympus into a godly sleep, Kratos is tasked with restoring order.

A brief, handheld interlude of mythological carnage ensues, Kratos saves the day, discovers that Persephone, the Queen of the underworld is responsible for the whole debacle and murders just about everyone and everything in sight.

At this stage, Kratos discovers Pandora’s Box as the necessary tool to move on in his quest and pwn revenge up Ares to finish God of War (the first game). After a suitably epic battle (and game) spanning world and underworld alike, our man comes out on top and can now have his new business cards printed as God of War.

Moving on with God of War 2

In spite this hard fought victory, Kratos is still pretty pissed at the whole situation and starts ransacking Greece like it’s going out of mythological style. The Mount Olympus crew strip him of his god status and send after him the biggest goddamn moving statue you’ve ever seen. Needless to say, the colossus loses.

Zues, evidently impressed with the efforts of our hero, rocks up seeking to making Kratos his right-hand man. Kratos refuses, is ganked by Zeus and sent once again back to the loving embrace of Hades’ underworld. In a twist that’s starting to make God of War plot feel like a Cohen Bros movie, Gaia (mother of Titans) asks Kratos to join her instead and wipe out the Zeus and the Olympus crew.

A quick visit to the Sisters of Fate is in order to make peace with his past shenanigans but results in a case of friendly fire by Kratos and mistaking the identity of a friend. The sisters end up on the receiving end of his blades, get pwned and Kratos has at it once again with Zeus.

Zeus rallies up his pals and goes head-to-head with Kratos, Gaia and titans and the rest is history.

God of War 3: The Story so Far

God of War 3 gets straight down to business, picking up from where the previous title left off but poor old innocent Kratos once again finds himself back in the underworld. He bumps into the ghost of the Goddess Athena who says that if he wants to destroy Zeus, the flame of Olympus must be extinguished. Game on.

A quick trip to Hephaestus the blacksmith for some repairs and Kratos is back in business. He starts by killing Hades only to find the dead God’s soul wreaks havoc in the already chaotic underworld and it transpires that Pandora’s Box is once again the key to success. Along the way to obtain this mystical item, Hephaestus, Hercules, Hera and Cronos and more are all owned in several hours’ worth of total carnage gameplay.

As per Pandora’s instructions, the Chain of Balance is broken to bring up the Labyrinth in between Olympus and the underworld, allowing Pandora to reach her box. She extinguishes the flame of Olympus and Kratos rocks with Zeus once again. After Gaia tries to take them both down once again, she fails and Kratos wins the battle.

In one last round of the fight, Zeus’ spirit pulls Kratos down into his very psyche where he must grapple with the worst foe of all; his past sins. With the help of the memory of his late wife, Kratos reaches a state of forgiveness and Zeus has lost the fight.

Finally, the ghost of Athena realizes that when Kratos opened Pandora’s Box to defeat Ares, he let out hate, greed and fear which infected the other gods while was he himself was imbued with hope. She pleads for his help, but our No.1 badass is avenged, at peace and falls on his own blade.

Fast Forward to Ascension:

Kratos has been imprisoned by the three Furies for breaking his blood oath to Ares. With the help of the oath keeper Orkos, Kratos learns that Ares and the Furies plan to overthrow Mount Olympus. The Spartan escapes his imprisonment, subsequently killing the Furies, and Orkos, who begs for release. Although free of Ares’ bond, Kratos begins to suffer the nightmares that will plague him for years.

Now… we’re wondering what this tweet from Santa Monica Studios is all about? What could this new DLC have in store for Kratos? Will it be more multiplayer content…or will it add to the story line? Only time will tell.

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  1. tony scott

    Will there be any other episode in GOD of WAR? Cause I’ve finished playing it on ma playstation3.

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