The Myth of the Myth of Gamer Girls

Gamer girls. Are they a tantalizing myth created by videogame marketing companies to keep us all hooked to online play in the vain hope that one of those gorgeous metal-bra clad warrior elves actually has a real-life girl on the other end of the ludicrously complicated macro setup? Perhaps they only exist out there as auto-aim-despising sirens of beguiling beauty, strewn across the wave-lapped rocky outcrops with Xbox 360 controllers and finely honed twitch reflexes?

Little Girl Gamer 300

Of course, the idea that gamer girls are some kind of myth is of course, itself a myth. There are indeed gamer girls out there, even though it’s sometimes difficult to believe. It’s even more difficult to believe that there might be one with all of the other necessary stability with which to form some kind of a successful relationship. The idea of securing even a brief moment of respite from the nagging better half amidst a solid 12 hour gaming session is a heavenly idea in itself.

The notion of sitting down and actively enjoying extended gaming sessions with our partners is almost too much for the average fragile male intellect to withstand. Let’s take a look at the current situation with girl gamers around the world to determine how to land one in the future.

Los Angeles Girl Scouts Create Game Development Badge

It might sound like a bad pun, but it’s actually true. The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles (GSGLA) created a game development badge in partnership with Women in Games International (WIGI), a very awesome collective of professional women in the gaming industry. The organization has a very cool tagline of “your parents were wrong, do what you love” and the vice president told journalists that the badge was to “get young girls excited in technology and science and let them know that they, too, can have a career in the video game industry.” Kudos.

In addition to being generally awesome, the news demonstrates the fact that it is generally accepted there are less gamer girls in the industry and initiatives are in place to do something about it.

blog-girl-gamers-hello-kitty RVThe Professional Female Gamer

Anyone who thought a professional girl gamer might be some kind of token attraction to the main event would be sorely mistaken. Very sorely mistaken in fact, and match up may well see you not coming away with your male pride intact.

On the subject of sirens of unimaginable beauty, Linda “Pikachu” Liao, a professional StarCraft II player who counts Razer amongst her sponsors list and averages around 220 actions per minute enjoys 10 hours straight practice sessions on the weekends. The number of StarCraft II Grand Masters in the world is in the low thousands and only a tiny percentage of these are women. Anyone who’s played this game will be familiar just how unimaginably difficult it is to get anywhere near Grand Master.

Can We Expect More Female Gamers in the Future?

In short, the answer is: probably. Hopefully. In some countries, the female gamer contingencies actually represent a significant percentage such as Australia where the ratio is reported to be as high as 41% women. Depending on where you look, research demonstrates that games such as Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, The Sims and casual and mobile gaming tends to have a larger percentage of female gamers than the average first person shooter.

Preferences aside however, organizations such as WIGI and initiatives launched to help break down any stereotyping which girl gamers may feel pressured by will only help to further even out the ratios in the future. Our fingers are crossed. We can only hope this trend sparks future marriages of monogamous gaming harmony. It’s no secret that gamer girls are in high demand and many “guy’s mag” publications such as Maxim regularly capitalize on this.

12 thoughts on “The Myth of the Myth of Gamer Girls

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  4. Sivak

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  8. laura tobin

    I know what you boys get up to in your hacked COD lobbies, and if you ad tits of your own, you’d be using that “explot” to no end. Admit it.

    I’m glad gamer girls exist, and that they’re starting to take an interest in the creation of games as well. Oh, I am not some feminist supremacist here, I believe women and men have unique attributes and both sides have things of value to contribute ro human culture. And it’s not a coincidence that two of the best selling games in recent years have female protagonists (Portal 2, Tomb Raider) and one especially revered series has an option to play the main character as either male or female (Mass Effect 3 – and you know what? The guys I know who play it, play Fem!Shep and think she’s even MORE badass than regular Shep.)

    Letting the girls in isn’t going to kill the boys’ fun, it’s going to add new perspectives, new approaches to story and character, and if you don’t close your minds to it all, you may find something you like.

  9. dwheresmymana

    Maybe Diago should play fewer video games and read more so he can learn how to spell.

  10. Rechan

    One of the big barriers for gamer girls is the fact that most games are stereotyped against girls. Females are either damsels in distress or objects to ogle. Positive females in the game are few and far between. This can be an alienation.

  11. Emily

    I had to lol @ this…Though I fall into a rather small niche, as an engineering/science double degree student, & gamer girl, (currently engaged to a gorgeous gamer boy & friends with many gamer guys & girls IRL..). I still use a male screen name online, because a lot of young guys tend to lose their shit at females slaughtering them in FPS games =D (whilst others just pile on sexist crap) I am encoraged to hear that future generations of gamer girls may be accepted in the culture/community without so much b/s, mythological or not… . To the uprising & future of geek girls! Do what you love & don’t take shit!

    (Btw, chicks that use their tits for weapon drops & getting guys to cover you: you’re an embarrassment to our gender)

  12. Diago

    This whole GAMER GIRLS push isn’t doing anybody any good.
    It creates a sub culture when slowly but surely females are getting accepted for their skill and invluence in the scene as a whole.

    Its like this feminist agenda wants to have their dirty paws on it so they can strike some sord of achievement.

    Let it go…

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