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Alright, so we’ve all read the typical “about us” section on our “favorite” corporate site. Well, in lieu of boring our readers to tears with statistics and success stories we figured we might go a different direction:

What you need to know: We love games. No, not just love… Live, we live games. Our team has been playing video games since before we could tell you what a plumber was and why it was an odd profession for the lead character of a story. Here in the office we have Xbox fanboys, PlayStation fanboys, PC fanatics and even an elusive Nintendo fanboy. And, yes, we do launch the occasional pig on our phones, though not all of us will admit to being a mobile gamer. Assuming that you, the reader, fall into one or more of these categories you should be happy to know that we’re obsessed with technology and anything that is truly cutting edge (surprise, surprise… right?). Anyway, long story short, we’re one of you; when we leave the office at the end of the day we just want to go home, fall into that special gaming spot we all have and enjoy our latest obsession.

I’m not sure why you’re still reading, I promise that there is plenty of content here on our site that is far more interesting than me prattling on about who we are. Go enter our weekly drawing for a free game! Read a blog! Stop reading this!

The Ultimate Gamer, Inc.
3325 Cochran Street
Suite 202
Simi Valley, Ca. 93063
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