Best Video Games Ever… Cause of Death: Unknown

As the ancient Geek proverb goes; “the only thing better than playing an awesome new video game, is being excited about the pending release of an awesome new video game.” Unfortunately, failures do sometimes happen leaving our hopes and dreams dashed. We head online and fire up our favorite gaming blog, only to see that dreaded word “Cancelled.” Their Cause of Death? Some, we may never know. Let’s take a look at the top 9 cancelled games we were oh-so-sad we never got to play.


1. Gears of War: Exile

Cause of Death: Hatchet… Apparently

Gears of War ExileIt’s difficult to believe that a franchise as successful as Gears of War would cancel a sequel. In an interview with the press, the legendary lead developer Cliff Bleszinski told the press, “Let’s just bury the hatchet now. Gears of War: Exile was an unannounced game that I can’t give any details about that has since been cancelled.” How mysterious…


2. Codename LMNO

Cause of Death: Hollywood Ego

If there’s one man who made a bigger contribution to many of our childhoods more than our own parents, it’s definitely Steven Spielberg. About 10 years ago, Spielberg was reportedly working on a game with none other than Electronic Arts (EA). They told the press the game would, “be a watershed event in our business.”

Incredible renderings combined with such promises to get us super excited. After shuffling around the team and much controversy over the creative direction of the game, it was eventually cancelled in 2009. It left us all wondering whether we just lost a triple-A game of the year.


3. Kingdom Hearts 3

Cause of Death: Heartless Execution

Cause of Death HeartlessOkay, so this one is a little questionable. At the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, there was a distinct teasing of the trilogy-maker to be released. However, after feverishly scanning the gaming headlines for many months, nothing appeared. Could it have been cancelled? Some suspect it was turned into Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for the PSP, but we suspect it was simply scrapped. Fortunately for us, the gaming gods have been kind and there will finally be a Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out later in 2014… hopefully.


4. Heavenly Sword 2

Cause of Death: Lost A Bet With The Devil… May Cry

An early action adventure on the PlayStation 3, the original Heavenly Sword received solid reception and sold over 1 million copies in the first year. It appeared to be a strong contender for a sequel, and the task was handed over from Developers Ninja Theory to SCE Cambridge Studios.

But then…

The latter company got reshuffled into Guerrilla Games while Ninja Theory continued to work on titles such as Capcom’s Devil May Cry reboot. Sadly, Heavenly Sword 2 was just lost in the commotion. Ninja Theory bigwig told the press “I’m never going to say we’ll never go back and make HS2 – but it’s something I personally see as extremely unlikely.” Bummer.


5. Gotham by Gaslight

Cause of Death: Ripped Apart

Gotham By GaslightAvid Batman comic book readers will be familiar with the story of Gotham by Gaslight, whereby our favorite man in black inhabits a Victorian world Gotham and he battles with none other than Jack the Ripper. Day 1 Studios (the people responsible for F.E.A.R) started the project and even got as far as making a prototype. Shockingly though, they couldn’t find a publisher. This footage is early, but it’s a great concept and you can check it out here.


6. Star Wars: Battlefront 3

Cause of Death: George Lucased (Oh, it’s a thing)

Battlefront 3 Cause of DeathThe saddest thing about Battlefront 3 never being released is that one developer reported the game was 99% complete before Lucas Arts pulled the plug, still in studio, in 2008. Ironically, the reason reported is that Lucas Arts was working on its own version of the game that ended up getting scrapped when the studio went through hard times of its own. Some of the footage looks amazing so it’s especially gutting… Again, the fates may have been kind enough to offer it a second chance. Dare we get our hopes up?


7. Project Offset

Cause of Death: Vanity (See Narcissus)

Project Offset was made with the sole purpose of being visually impressive. Of course, there’s more to gaming than graphics, but my goodness it is fun to play a positively stunning game. Originally to be Developed by Offset Software and published by Intel, the game fell by the wayside when the developer broke from the hardware manufacturing partner. Critics say that was the reason, but we can still hope to see the game hit the shelves one day… right?


8. Fez 2

Cause of Death: Gone Fishing, Fell Overboard

Cause of Death FezYou can say whatever you like about Phil Fish, but Fez was a masterpiece of a game. After what you could call, umm… a phenomenal amount of open conflict and controversy, Fish finally decided to hang up his game developer gloves and announced the sequel to this beloved indie gem cancelled. In spite of several appeals from industry leaders for Fish to come back, it looks like it’s going to stay this way.


9. StarCraft: Ghost

Cause of Death: Caught In The Blizzard

Perhaps some diehard fans may disagree, but Starcraft: Ghost looked awesome. These futuristic, special ops, pro badasses are one of the coolest things in the StarCraft lore. Having a whole game made out of them was pant-wettingly exciting. Following a similar vein to the beloved Metal Gear Solid series, Ghost was due for release on consoles. Rumor was reported about the game lacking a clear direction, but if Blizzard’s history on release dates is anything to go by, we may well be lucky and see it out sometime in the future.


Over to you…

It’s pretty devastating when a game we’re excited about doesn’t get released. We’ve given our top 9 and we’d love to hear a number 10 from you. What game were you bummed about never being able to play? Let us know in the comment section below.

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